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our history

The birth of jericho a.m.e. church

Let’s take an imaginary trip in our minds back to the year 1863. Slavery was still going on, however President Abraham Lincoln read the Emancipation Proclamation to grant freedom to the slaves. Slaves moved slowly and masters did not allow many of them to leave the plantations.  In order for this group of visionaries to start this church they met at night under dangerous situations. These sage minds came together under a tent to create this church body. They met under a tent until freedom came. Land was donated by the family of the late Robert Frazier. The first building was built one year after. According to oral history from Brother Dan Frazier son of Robert Frazier we were chartered as one of the first A.M.E. Churches in Beaufort County. We are still researching county records to see who served as first pastor.

first building

Our first building was built as a two story wooden building with large white columns and a parsonage. The interior of the building was white with a staircase leading to an overflow balcony for people to be seated and a storage area. We did not have inside plumbing. The outhouse was located in the back of the church.  As many members pasted on or moved to the north we were faced with a building that needed many repairs. The members focused on repairing the church or building a new one. The vote was unanimous to build a new church.

new building

Under the leadership of Reverend William Doyle we built a new building. We moved in in 1969. The new building was dedicated on February 1, 1970. We are presently still making improvements to our church. Under the leadership of Reverend Albertha Cook we installed central heating and air in 1995. Reverend Vernon Robinson led the addition of a foyer, porch, two new bathrooms and interior improvements to the church. Reverend James Mack has focused on improving this church starting with improving the outside of the physical building. We have landscaped the yard and have future plans to keep moving.

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